Stay In The Bay Websites

Redesign of nine websites under a cohesive brand.

Project Brief

The websites needed to reflect these two layers of branding. We also needed to curb the cost of redoing work that could potentially be reused. We decided on creating a singular parent theme, which each website would use, and creating a child theme for each individual website. The child theme would override the parent theme in key areas where the second level of branding needed to come through.

Project Team

  • Jacob McAdam, Project Manager & Web Developer
  • Jared Wallace, Graphic Designer
  • Moe Himed, Web Developer
Project Type
Website Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Website content included things like local area highlights, special offers, and other properties. As websites were developed unique content was added to each website.

webpage mockups
Local area, special offers, and footer webpage content

The Websites

With the initial launch of the project I developed the child themes for Greenwich Inn, Berkeley Rodeway Inn, and Marinwood Inn & Suites. The websites were tied together using a “popover” which displays all available partners. The theme was developed to be optimal for mobile users especially in call-to-actions and website navigational features. As the client continued to add properties to the Stay In the Bay portfolio, the website series expanded—all using the originally developed parent theme.

website mockups
Greenwich Inn, Berkeley Rodeway Inn, and Marinwood Inn & Suites
website mockups
Stay In the Bay (brand site) and Motel Capri
website mockups
Presidio Inn San Francisco and Geary Parkway Motel
website mockups
El Camino Inn and Vallejo Travelodge


The execution of the WordPress themes worked perfectly. Using a symbolic link one parent theme would delegate files to each WordPress installation. The child theme implemented colors and variations in each website’s page templates. The project can be expanded indefinitely while allowing for variations to branding elements in each partnered website.

This website was made by OptiRev for their client Stay In The Bay (2016).

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These case studies include details and design work from the implementation.
Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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