Roseland "Love Hard" Apparel Design

Roseland School District wanted to share a powerful message amongst their staff and students.

Project Brief

Roseland School District is located in Santa Rosa, CA. The student body regularly contains kids from low-income families who struggle to get enough to eat on a daily basis. The superintendent told me that they just "love the kids so hard" and want to help the best they can. This project was to create a graphic for them that represented this firm love and care for underprivileged youth. The design would be used in various ways so that staff and faculty could show-off their pride and concern for kids in Roseland.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Design Process

This project was a process of research, sketching, and digital tracing and refinement.


Various logos and reference images were pulled to find examples to inspire potential ideas.


Various concepts were explored. The heart-shape and rose were foundational ideas. The idea of working in "hard" or a firmness of care and determination was more difficult to integrate.


The logo was quite complicated, so a slimmer more simplified version was also considered.

The Final Design

The final design uses the rose, a common symbol for Santa Rosa, placed in an energetic rendering of the word "Love". Leaves, thorns, and typography rounds-off an implied heart-shape.


Although the hands looked cool in the sketches they didn't exactly execute well when paired up with the other visual elements. To avoid associating any of the school colors with the logo we settled on two that were not affiliated with any of them.

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Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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