Reductionist Poster Design

A reductionist poster design that plays with the concept of "clarity" using color and poetry.

Project Brief

This project involved reducing a single everyday object into a flat duotone design. Only two colors could be used to distinguish the most important features of the object. Relevant text was to accompany the image.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

The Design Process

After selecting the object, it had to be reduced. This was a process of photographing, editing, photo and tracing with the pen tool. The difficulty was knowing which details of the object were salient, and which could be left out. Keywords and color schemes were explored, to get a sense of relationship with the object. Once colors and text were developed enough multiple layouts were composited.

process of turning physical object into redux vector
The process started with a physical object
conceptual exploration
Conceptual exploration
color exploration
Color exploration
layout exploration
layout exploration

The Final Design

The final reductionist design of a light bulb with connected typography. The keyword 'Clarity' replaces the hanging lightbulb chain, and the poem itself fans out from the light source.

final clarity poster redesign
Final poster design


The design creates a conceptual juxtaposition of dark and light themes. The poem makes references to the darkness within people. This corresponds with shadows created by light sources.

This poster was designed for Graphic Design I course taught by Mimi Sheiner at SFSU (2017). The poem is written by auhsoJHaynes and published on

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