Park Avenue Catering Website

Park Avenue Catering's website needed visual brand updates and reorganization of content to increase visibility for their services.

Project Brief

The client’s home page was compact often hiding content under roll-over and toggle-click effects. We determined that expanding information and having it immediately visible as text and images would help with click-through rates. The client also wanted to implement a new “spotlight” feature which would display previous catering events they’ve put together. In addition, various pages in the site had additional content and functionality improved with the overall design changes.

Project Type
Website Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools


The home page before the redesign was cramped, and all content was hidden under image block roll-over effects.

Former website home page

The Final Design

A new home page design used a two-column layout of text and images. A blog was introduced as a way of showcasing past events Park Avenue Catering has put together. Each blog post had a unique layout that sampled photos, a color palette, and menu served at the event. Typography and color was reset and re-selected for each page template.

Home page design
Wedding spotlight design

New behavior was added to the website to enhance user experience. This included zoom hover states to indicate linked images, and an endless page loader to make browsing easier to use.


Much of the website’s photography was overhauled. It took some experimenting to get the typography to set effectively, but a general hierarchical system was settled.

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Project by Jacob McAdam

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