Paradise Ridge Winery Collateral

Business cards featuring Paradise Ridge Winery's famous LOVE sculpture.

Project Brief

Paradise Ridge Winery is a family own vineyard and winery located in Santa Rosa, CA. The Byck Family who owns the winery was in need of some new business cards after they had lost the main offices in the craze of the Northern California 2017 wildfires. They wanted to feature their ever popular "love" sculpture, which survived the fire, prominently on the card.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools


The task of converting a 256 color gamut photograph into a 6 color graphic was more difficult than I had anticipated. What it came down to was knowing when enough colors would retain enough detail without escaping the range of gold colors.

photo to vector comparison
Image processing from color photo to metallic vector

The Final Design

The business cards were printed with a special ink that made the text and back-side graphic appear metallic.

business cards stacked
Paradise Ridge Winery business cards


Once the back and front designs were finalized I designed a version for each employee.

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Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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