OptiRev Brand Identity

A company rebrand with new website and collateral marketing.

Project Brief

I lead an initiative to rebrand our identity. I worked with our Executive, Marketing, and Web teams to develop new messaging about our business and services. Our graphic designer created a new logo and other brand elements for us to use across collateral.

Project Type
Brand Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools
Materialize CSS

New Logo

Our logo was designed by our graphic designer in convey revenue and ROI. The logo was designed to work in gradient color, flat color, grayscale, black and white, as well as three different layouts.

Comparison between the new and former logo
Logo variations

Marketing Collateral

The marketing collateral consisted of promotional posters, business cards, and email signatures. The back of the business card was unique to each employee to promote either design, marketing, or website services.

Promotional posters
Business cards

New Website

The website was custom designed and developed on WordPress.

Website on desktop and mobile


The rebrand pulled together the talents of our whole company to give feedback on how we should message our products and services. Our graphic designer was critical in getting the new logo to look just right. I did a fair amount of copywriting and editing to try and make our messaging sound robust in a concise way.

Some of the marketing collateral on display

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These case studies include details and design work from the implementation.
Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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