Kan Do Kandy Logo

A logo design for cotton candy business Kan Do Kandy.

Project Brief

A cotton candy business needed a brand mark. They rented the machine out to customers, operated as a cotton candy vendor, and also made Gourmet Truffles. The final design needed to convey affordability and fun for families.

Target Audience: College Students, families (children 4–12), and events like birthdays or festivals.

Project Type
Brand Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Various concepts were explored through wordplay and sketching.

Sketchbook of ideas

The logo design uses two colors and Futura for a clean easy read. The Kan Do Kandy logo visually communicates a bright and sweet experience. The final logo features a cotton candy cone—the primary product of the business.

logo design
Kan Do Kandy logo

This logo was designed for Kan Do Kandy (2009).

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Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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