International Relations Journal Editorial Design

Editorial journal design for the International Relations College of San Francisco State University.

Project Brief

Every year in the Spring the International Relations department at San Francisco State University publishes an online journal with the best papers selected from their graduate and undergraduate students. The International Relations Journal needed a new design to increase legibility, consistency, and digital accessibility.

Design Team

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
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Design Process

The design process involved sketching out a few layouts and laying out a single article in various comprehensives. My teammate focused on cover designs while I focused on typography, headers, footers, bylines, and body copy.

Sketchbook of ideas
cover pages
Front cover concepts

The Final Design

The final journal design had an intense red and white color scheme, yet allowed the reader to move through the text comfortably. Headers and bylines allow for a clean and quick navigation between pages.

journal page spreads with cover page
A spread opener featuring a student's essay
journal page spreads
Spreads from the Journal


The final journal design needed to be delivered for digital-only formats. As a result the document's typographic layout was set in a single column to enforce a contiguous reading experience, which means the user wouldn't have to jump around pages as they read.

This journal was designed in association with SFSU Design Working Group for the International Relations department at San Francisco State University.

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These case studies include details and design work from the implementation.
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