Inkling Memento Stickers

A collection of unique sticker illustrations for each of the social clubs at Inkling.

Project Brief

I was approached by Inkling's people and culture team to create a series of "mementos". These were going to be something like enamel pins, buttons, or stickers employees could sport on their clothing and accessories. A series was desired to represent the different social clubs we have at the company. The details of the project were nailed down as the designs were being developed and tested in different ways.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
1 Month
Skills & Tools

Design Process

The process began by deciding what directions we wanted to see: abstract, mascot, metaphor, literal, etc. We also wondered what kind of colors, rendering, and depth to use in the illustrations.


Sketches were helpful in exploring some of these ideas, and how approachable they'd be when doing iterations.

Sketchbook of design concepts
More exploratory sketches

Dropped Concepts

With early sketching we came to an idea where all the stickers could be notched together. We thought of this working a few ways this could work with hexagons fitting into a strict pattern, or creating limbs with cupeling notches at the ends. None of these ideas held up once we realized how the printing requirements would impose a white border around the sticker. Additionally, if employees were to put these stickers on their laptops there was no certainty if they'd have enough room to arrange them all in a definite pattern.

rejected design concepts
Rejected concepts


Here's three examples of how different concepts were tested and narrowed and were then pushed towards a polished image.

design iteration
Iterations of the Inkit Reading Challenge design
design iteration
Iterations of the Maker's Club design
design iteration
Iterations of the WInkling design

Final Designs

There were 12 stickers designs in all, printed in various quantities for our employees to use however they wish!

sticker design close up
Close up of the Book Club sticker
sticker design close up
Close up of the Maker Club and Poker Club stickers
final sticker designs
All the final sticker designs


The end result was a set of stickers which represented popular and active social clubs at our company. We used these stickers as a way to increase excitement and interest for our clubs to bring employees together. Many have put stickers on their laptops, water bottles, and notebooks as a way to proudly represent Inkling but with a bonus of relevant personal interest.

stickers arranged on a table where people are gathered
The stickers were revealed at a company party

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These case studies include details and design work from the implementation.
Portrait of Jacob McAdam
Project by Jacob McAdam

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