Frank Gehry Exhibit Booklet

A booklet design sharing the life and work of architect Frank Gehry.

Project Brief

A museum exhibit required a booklet portraying Frank Gehry’s life and work. Pacing between text and images should allow the reader to feel neither exhausted nor bored. Arrangement of elements and type tracking should mimic the images surrounding. The typefaces themselves will be geometric or modern to reflect Gehry’s post structuralist work: architecture.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Design Process

With all the images and text supplied, the booklet was well planned before type and pictures were set.


The Final Design

The final printed design is photographed in a series of images below which highlight chapter openers, text-flow across spreads, and the overall variety of typesetting design.

booklet spread open
Opening spread
booklet spread open
Playful quote typography
booklet spread open
Photographic spread
booklet spread open
Featured images
booklet spread open
Image heavy spread
booklet spread open
Closing spread with a timeline


Frank Gehry was a contemporary architect who used unusual sculptural forms. These concepts needed to carry over to the booklet design highlighting his work. As a result: colors correlate with the photography selected, modern sans-serif typefaces were used, and the booklet prioritized images and rhythm without losing the importance of written word.

This book was designed for Typography course taught by Kelley Burgner at BYU–I (2010).

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Project by Jacob McAdam

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