Editorial Magazine Design

An editorial magazine design with unique illustrations and infographics.

Project Brief

This project was an editorial design for the article “Getting Back to the Great Outdoors” by Amy Novotney.

Novotney’s article makes connections between the outdoors and overall stress levels found in people. As technology plays a large part in what keeps people homebound, this drove the final concept for supporting images and design style. The layout was to include all necessary print magazine elements: a byline, opener, multiple page spreads, footnotes, and original images.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Design Process

In order to develop a concept, various chapter openers where thrown together. Each one proposed an idea and how it could be presented as a sub-narrative relating to the story. 

Sketchbook of ideas
early design concepts
Early concepts

The Final Design

The final printed design is photographed in a series of images below which highlight chapter openers, text-flow across spreads, and the overall variety of typesetting design.

magazine cover
Magazine cover design
magazine spread
Article opening spread
magazine spread
Spread with quote and illustration
magazine spread
Spread with infographic
magazine spread
Spread with closing sidebar


The article observes how children are becoming distant to nature and the environment due to technology. The article references this by portraying the real-world with flat vector graphics, and portraying the digital-world seen on device screens using photography. This swaps the perception that the primary world which we live in is a digital one. This sends a particular message, while keeping the design space legible and presentable for the reader to enjoy the article.

This magazine layout was designed for Graphic Design II course taught by Lee Friedman at SFSU (2017).

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These case studies include details and design work from the implementation.

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