Destination Intelligence Collateral

Destination Intelligence, now under new ownership, was in need of updated marketing collateral and website.

Project Brief

Destination Intelligence was acquired by OptiRev in 2018 and the products needed to be marketed in a new way. The project included a new website, business cards, and rectable poster to be used at trade shows.

Project Type
Visual Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools


To promote Destination Intelligence I created this infographic illustrating the consumer life-cycle. It was used across the sales deck and website.

Consumer life-cycle Infographic

Promotional Deck

Sales required an effective visual tool to walk prospective customers through various points of business. After looking at the existing deck—I designed a better one.

sales slide deck
sales slide deck

Tangible Marketing

There was a need for a new set of business cards and a rectable poster to be used at trade shows and events.

business cards
Business cards
rectable poster
Rectable poster

Digital Marketing

The website was reduced to a single page and used parallax effects with full-bleed images to categorize content. All the branding elements came together in individualized email signatures.

ipad with kickstand
mock email message
Email signature


After inheriting dated materials I was able to successfully evaluate and enhance multiple marketing essentials.

This project was made by OptiRev for Destination Intelligence (2018).

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Project by Jacob McAdam

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