Crescent and Vine Logo

Logo design for an herbalist.

Project Brief

Crescent and Vine is committed to providing the materials needed to nourish oneself. They believe in the importance of crafting a self-care ritual that is unique. Crescent and Vine is an independent crafter of bulk herbs, candles, healing tea blends, body care (salves and body oils), jars and bottles.

Crescent and Vine needed help with their first logo design.

Project Type
Brand Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Design Process

The design process was pretty standard first starting with research, moving through iteration, and finishing off with testing and contextual mockups.


I first audited the existing brand touch points including the packaging and website. I built up some mood boards and discussed them with the client. Logo examples and reference images helped to unpack the topics of subject matter and fidelity.

Previous packaging and website
Mood board
Mood board
Example logos
Reference images


A handful of ideas were explored through quick, loose sketches.

Sketchbook of ideas


Once the concept was narrowed down it came to a process of rendering. The crescent, vine, leaves, and flower were all essential components.

Final Designs

Through a strong design process I was able to design a bold, delicate logo that tells both a story and fulfills a practical function.

Waxing Crescent Moon: The moon phase in transition from new to full corresponds with building-up and developing energy for use in ritual.

Tulpen One Regular: A modern, condensed sans-serif typeface reminiscent of thin sprawling vines.

Datura: The Devil’s Trumpet or Moonflower is a poisonous verspertine plant. It’s effects can cause hallucinations and psychosis. When harnessed by an experienced herbalist it can aid in spiritual endeavors. It has been used by shamans native to North and South America, and has been associated with Shiva and Kali.


The project was completed over the course of a few months. We were working around a few logistical obstacles with constraints to meeting and delivering on milestones. Slow timeline aside, we were able to complete this low-budget project with desirable quality.

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