Anemoi Logo

A logo design for an exhibit featuring the gods of wind.

Project Brief

Design a logo and stationary system for an exhibit featuring the role and lives of the four Greek Gods: Boreas (North), Notus (South), Zephyrus (West), and Eurus (East).

Project Type
Brand Design Project
Project Timeline
Skills & Tools

Exhibit Name: The Anemoi

Tagline: The Four Aeronauts

Exhibit Details: The exhibit will feature the physical remains of each God. It will also feature artifacts reflecting their roles and lives before they expired. The exhibit will retain unique architecture that gives the audience a sense of flight and aerial direction.

Target Audience: The exhibit will be targeted toward high school students (ages 14-18) who are studying Greek Mythology. The exhibit will also target Mythology enthusiasts (ages 18+). The exhibit will be family oriented, but the information presented is intended for an older audience.

Emotional Drivers: The exhibit is intended for a more mature audience. The logo should be expressive and clean. Each personality must be identified individually from the other three using the elements of design (line, shape, and color specifically). The audience must feel like they are going to experience an elegant fantasy-type world.

Design Process

Subjective research of Greek wind gods known as the “Anemoi” was conducted through reference images. Sketches help to explore potential concepts.

reference images
Reference images
Sketchbook of ideas
composite sketches
Composite sketches
logo color exploration
Color exploration

Final Design

The logo design uses a complimentary color palette and builds from a modern sans-serif typeface.

final logo design
Final logo design


The final logo communicated the various qualities of air: hot, wet, and fluid. The phoenix image and contrasted typeface weight juxtapose a concept of soft and hard; light and heavy forms.

This poster was designed for a graphic design course taught at BYU–I (2009).

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