A Diamond Minds Mystery Logo

Logo design and collateral marketing materials for a children's mystery book series.

Project Brief

A Diamond Minds Mystery is a children's mystery detective book series portraying courageous, can-do kids driven by loyalty and integrity. In the pilot book, justice prevails and kid power gains the respect it deserves when the students are instrumental in the capture of the jewel thieves who've abducted their drama teacher. Biani and her friends bond through their adventures and become known as the Diamond Minds Detectives.

I created a brand mark and basic collateral marketing including a business card, button pins, and website.

Project Type
Brand Design Project
Project Timeline
3 Months
Skills & Tools

Design Process

Concepts were proposed and explored through a few sketches. Once a few concepts emerged we moved onto exploring a few typefaces that aligned with a mysterious mood. Compositions were iterated on until the selections took a particular direction and were narrowed down.

Final Designs

The project started out with a logo design and expanded to include business cards, buttons, and a splash webpage.


The typeface's unevenness is playful and mysterious. The sparkling diamond references the Diamond Minds Detectives and the culmination of events the kids go through. The logo was used on the book covers, and the sparkling diamond logo mark was used within the text as a page break emblem.

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